Our Philosophy

We celebrate the Spirit of Life

Inspired by wellness, nature and health, we have created an escape from your everyday world. SOL Spa is dedicated  to stimulating the five senses, taking you on a sensory journey of the mind, body and spirit.

Beauty Begins Within

The scent of lemongrass perfumes the air; the ambient sounds of white noise calms, centres and allows you to escape; our herbal water infusions and perfected organic spa tastings are full of fresh, organic flavours. Surround yourself with ancient relics, luscious plants and comforting throws to mesmerise and re-energise your mind; experience our incredible spa treatments with healing  therapists’ using aromatic oils, spices and herbs.

We focus on helping you reconnect with your best self through physical and emotional replenishment.

It is our mission to ensure your body mind and spirit are centred, relaxed and rejuvenated.